Do you have repetitive and repeatable tasks that you do in Author-it all the time?

Have you calculated how much time you spend doing these tasks?

An Author-it plug-in might be the answer to automating these tasks and saving you hours of effort and money. You can concentrate on creating quality content rather than doing time-wasting work.

Segue Consulting have developed a number of plug-ins for organisations to make them more productive, increase the quality of their content, and reduce human error.

For example, plug-ins can:

  • Automate tasks that you manually perform using the Author-it UI.
  • Integrate with, and pull data from, external systems.
  • Extract information from Author-it (for example, generate a list of all styles used in a book).
  • Automatically send an email to a user when a topic’s release state changes to 'Ready for Release'.
  • Let users 'watch' objects so they are notified when an object is saved or its release state changes.
  • Put shortcuts in the right-click context menu to embed commonly used graphics (for example, note icons) or paste topic contents (for example, boilerplate text).

Plug-ins can be developed both for On-Premises and Cloud versions of Author-it.

Do you have an idea? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Eliminate repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming tasks when publishing from Author-it Cloud

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