Earlier in the year I wrote about a mobile help and ePublishing tool I was developing. I have made a lot of progress since then and have refined the ePUB publishing extension to be more robust and consistent.

The ePUB publishing extension uses the Author-it Web Help output to generate an ePUB eBook. If you can publish your book to Web Help you can use this extension to create an ePUB book. There are some limitations when using this extension (for example, expanding inline and block text does not work nor do glossaries).

Watch the following video to see it in action and for more details about the extension.

Since recording that video I have incorporated indexes into the ePUB output.

I am now looking for beta testers for the ePUB publishing extension. Initially, I would like Author-it users willing to send me their Web Help output and I convert it using the extension. I hope to iron out some more bugs and also refine the process to cater for a wider variety of content. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.

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