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  • Ordering a licence we will send you an invoice. Once paid you will receive your licence key.
  • Requesting a trial licence, we will send you the one month licence key.

We aim to fulfil all requests in 24-48 hours. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

When completing the form, use the details exactly as they are displayed in your Author-it Administrator. Your licence will not work if they are different.

Cloud Users: Enter the details to the best of your knowledge. We will confirm details with Author-it when deploying the plug-in.

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If your computer is on a domain, enter the domain name. The domain name is the first part of your login. For example, domain\username. If your computer is not on a domain, enter your computer name.
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  Terms and Conditions
  1. Trial Licences - 30 day trial licences are available for free. After 30 days the software will not work.
  2. Purchased licences - Keys will only activate products where the Author-it library has the company name specified in the above Company name field and less than, or equal to, the number of active users specified in the Number of users field.
  3. An active user is a user who is in one or more group. Users who are not in any groups are not included in this count.
  4. Support and Maintenance - On Premises purchased licences include 12 months support and free upgrades. Cloud purchased licences are one year subscriptions and include all upgrades.
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