My latest tech fetish is GPS. I know I am a little late in the game for this, but I recently had to put together a training course for GPS devices (Trimble Nomad and Yumas) and it peaked my interest. That, coupled with me getting my first real smart phone, has meant that I have been obsessed with any app that has some kind of location-aware feature.

One of the first apps I found on the Google Marketplace was My Tracks. Basically, before you go for a run, bike ride, or drive you fire up the app and start recording your 'tracks'.

En-route, it can either sit silently in the background or you can view your location and the path you are taking. You can also look at aggregated statistics for your journey (for example, average speed, total moving time, total distance travelled), insert points that record the aggregated statistics up until that point, or view some of the stats in graph form.

After you have completed your journey, you can easily upload it to your Google Maps account or review it on your phone. Or you can tell the world about your trip by sharing it on Twitter (and it has its own hash tag #MyTracks).

My Tracks, is an amazingly feature rich application, especially considering it is free. And it ticks another of my software 'boxes' by being open source.

I do wonder how long I will continue to use it (that is, how long my GPS fetish will last) but I can see it becoming part of my (lately, somewhat hap hazard) fitness regime.

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