I presented my session on the transition to eBooks for tech comm professionals at the ASTC(NSW) Conference in Sydney on November 2-3, 2012. This page contains links to reference material and tools I mentioned in the presentation.

Tools mentioned in the presentation

  • Sigil - A WYSIWYG eBook editor to produce manually crafted ePub books.
  • Calibre - An eBook management tool also used to convert ePub books to other formats including Amazon's mobi and ASW.
  • epubcheck - A tool for validating ePub files.
  • Adobe Digital Editions - An eBook management tool that can be used to test ePub books on a PC.
  • Kindle Previewer - PC software that emulates many of the Kindle devices used for testing purposes.
  • Author-it - A Component Content Management System (CCMS) that publishes content to multiple formats.
  • The Author-it ePub post processor I demonstrated is still in development and testing. I will announce when it is available on this website and my twitter feed.

Other Resources

  • Help Authoring Tool Matrix - See which Help Authoring Tools (HATs) support eBooks (not a complete list, but covers the popular tools).
  • Sigil Tutorial - Basic tutorial to create an ePub book using Sigil.
  • E-Book Formatting for Novelists by K.C. May – a free eBook (although aimed at novelists) that gives practical, clear instructions for creating an eBook using Microsoft Word. Available for free both at Kobo and Amazon.
  • MobileRead Wiki - An excellent wiki with lots of eProduction information, help, and tips.
  • epubtest.com - A self-proclaimed complete list of ePub devices, tools, and applications.
  • eBook Ninjas - A regular podcast with news and information from the world of eBook development and production.
  • Advanced ePub tutorial - A tutorial to create an ePub book from scratch using nothing more than a text editor. Not for the faint-hearted – this is the nitty gritty technical tutorial.

Finally, as I mentioned in my presentation, if you are looking for a low-maintenance, friendly, and gentle pet, consider an ex-racing greyhound from Friends of the Hound or another greyhound rescue organisation.

Our Bob, adopted from Friends of the Hound.

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